Tom Blip heads up the globe trotting record label Blip Discs which took the scene by storm upon its inception in 2015. Although the label came out of nowhere it was quickly showing up everywhere… apart form record shelves where the stock flew swiftly out the door. One of these records was ‘Wrong Guanco’ by the label boss himself, a concoction of crazy fills and rump shaking snaps which was ID’d non stop in DJ sets everywhere during the 2016 summer festival season.

Fittingly, it should come to no surprise to anyone who has followed his famed and eclectically influenced label that the Blip Discs proprietor and producer also comes as a DJ. It would seem his head start with the label has rightfully put his talents as a selector on the map as he’s displayed flare behind the decks in clubs up and down the UK, Europe and beyond. 

His recent achievements include his 2017 mix for Ransom Note which was picked as a favourite by Resident Advisor, three new singles (each compromising of house, ghetto and synth funk respectively) and most recently his label completing their most exciting project to date when they released the widely acclaimed Mubashira Mataali group EP, a collection of contemporary Ugandan drum/vocal curveballs.

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