Mama Snake aka Sara Svanholm works tirelessly, juggling both her final year studies in medicine whilst honing in on her skills as one of Copenhagen’s most respected and technically gifted techno DJs.

Snake has garnered an increasingly fervent following since forming Apeiron Crew where she met Courtesy, with whom she runs their highly-respected label Ectotherm. Both share a commitment to expanding the profile, enthusiasm and reputation of Copenhagen’s blossoming electronic scene through the continuous output on the label and a monthly show on NTS Radio with guest mixes from local talents. The label enjoys full and continued support from around the world and from record stores such as newly formed Percy Records, Hard Wax and Idle Hands and most importantly from the Copenhagen scene. For Svanholm, this support also represents their ethos of working with friends and people whom they respect musically and personally.

From 2018 and onwards Snake will be part of the curating team behind STRØM, Denmark’s most respected electronic music organization and festival that seeks to promote and explore the Danish scene with events, workshops and education throughout the year – an initiative by people with true commitment, that Mama Snake is honored to be a part of.

As Mama Snake and Ectotherm continue to garner love, support and respect from more and more people within the industry, the Copenhagen native is expanding her reach with diverse and reputable shows in major clubs across Europe, at venues such as Berghain, Corsica Studios and De School, as well as ongoing appreciation from the reputable Optimo.

Latest sounds

Mama Snake – Ritual Malmö Radio

Latest music from Field Artist's Mama Snake: Mama Snake – Ritual Malmö Radio

Mama Snake – Ectotherm NTS Radio w/ Sugar

Latest music from Field Artist's Mama Snake: Mama Snake – Ectotherm NTS Radio w/ Sugar

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