Kincaid may be young and a fresh face emerging from London’s fertile scene but he has been learning his craft, plying his trade and honing his productions under alternative guises for many years. Taking time to absorb his influences into his work and establish his techniques has allowed him the space to develop an experimental style. One that is inspired by global sounds that belong to any, all and no specific genre(s), is steeped in the history of electronic music whilst sounding very much unique, fresh and relevant to today’s underground clubbing landscape.

As well as his solo work he often collaborates with long time friend and fellow audio conspirator Sinàl. Between they delve deep into new sounds, expand their musical horizons in ways and broaden their palettes in ways that can only come from working with someone who’s fellow spirit can only be described as kindred.  

Kincaid’s solo output and his joint efforts with Sinàl have led to releases on Disco Halal, Of Unsound Mind, Nie Wieder Schalfen, ELEMENTS and Polymath amongst other labels of such high reputation and quality of output. There are many more exciting releases on respected labels to follow, from now until his incredible abundance of ideas run dry. Although there is no sign of that being the case any time soon.

His DJ sets blend a variety of styles and take the crowd in many unexpected music directions, always aiming to create an unpredictable atmosphere similar to his records and unlike few others else spinning today. 

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